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    The colors of a land to discover
    Breathtaking Calabria
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    Enjoy the full relaxation sea holiday
    Albatros Residence
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    A holiday in paradise
    Albatros Residence

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Welcome to Calabria

Albatros Residence: a corner of Paradise for an unforgettable holiday

Perfectly set in the landscape and endowed with every comfort, Albatros Residence is the ideal destination for your holidays in Calabria. You can have access to a private white sandy beach directly from the apartments.  You will enjoy a fairytale panorama and the turquoise sea.

You can taste Calabrian specialities and typical Italian dishes on the wonderful terrace directly overlooking the gulf of Sant’Eufemia, while enjoying  a relaxing  atmosphere.

Just fifteen minutes’ drive from Tropea and other well-known touristic places, Albatros Residence is the ideal destination for tourists who want to visit Calabria and enjoy, at the same time, the peace of its land.

Albatros Restaurant

Albatros Restaurant360° view over the sea, a delight even for your eyes.

Sea view apartments

Sea view apartments Surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea our apartments are just a few steps away from the enchanting private beach of the residence.

Calabria to discover

Calabria to discoverA fascinating land whose beautiful landscapes are unique in the world.

When it came to creating Calabria, God had in his hands 15000 kg of green clay with purple shades. He thought with that clay he could mould a country of two million people at the most. God was invested with a masculine creative power and he promised himself that he would create a masterpiece. He started his task and Calabria was created even more beautiful than California and Hawaii, more beautiful than the French Riviera and the Japanese Islands.

Leonida Rèpaci
Calabrian Sea

Calabrian Sea

The noise of the sea is thought to be one of the most relaxing sounds in nature. Add it to all the shapes of blue you can think about, add beaches, gulfs and breathtaking inlets. Now, you can open your eyes and you will find the sea of Calabria in front of you.