Calabria: A land to discover

Colours and scents of the Coast of the Gods

A magical land, kissed by the sun and painted by the turquoise color of its sea. It is a millennial territory, marked by the memory of the most ancient and influential civilizations of the whole Mediterranean. In this region many elements like fine food, hospitality, breathtaking panormas and ancient history fuse together to give always new emotions.


Tropea is the smallest town in the Vibo Valentia province, it’s located on the Tyrrenian side at the foot of Mount Poro and it’s one of the most highly regarded and sought-after travel destinations of Italy. Tropea is a majestic and austere city, it rises above the rocks and overlooks the sea: from here you can admire the enchanting cliffs of Formicole, Pizzuta, San Leonardo and Isola Bella.


The peculiar characteristic of Briatico is the sensational quadrangular tower called “La Rocchetta”. The tower, now ruined, stands on the seashore, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Tyrrhenian coast. The tower was built in the 13th century and it was part of the coastal defense system that was a bulwark against Saracenic raids. Briatico was rebuilt on the banks of the Murria torrent after a catastrophic earthquake in 1783.

“When it was time to create Calabria, God found in his hands 15000 km² of green clay with a purple sparkle. He thought that with that clay he could shape a country of two million inhabitants at most. He was highly focused on his creative process and he promised himself to make a masterpiece. He got down to work and then Calabria was created in his hands: it was more beautiful than California and Hawaii, more beautiful than the French Riviera and the Japanese archipelagos”.

Leonida Rapaci


Vibo Valentia can be defined as a “garden on the sea” since it is situated on the slope of a hill at 476 meters above sea level. Your eyes will get lost among the imposing mountains of Northern Sila and they and will reach the volcano of Etna in the south, passing through the wonderful coastal area of the Tyrrhenian Sea which includes Tropea. This visual “tour in the horizon” will leave you breathless.

Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is one of the most dynamic city centers of the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. It’s located in the middle of the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia in an enchanting position between sea, mountains, perfumed oranges, olive groves and vineyards. From its squares you can enjoy an enchanting view and a blue sea that let your gaze reach the volcano Stromboli.

Calabria: a land to discover

An unforgettable land made of sun, sea, excellent food, hospitality and warmth. Come and discover our land.

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